Oregon's Lookout Station
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  • Fort Lookout Lodge

    The old world charm of Fort Look-Out Lodge, sitting 80’ above i-5 with expansive views to the East and South. Authentic, traditional architecture will place the Lodge among the finest in Oregon. With large rooms, old world entertainment, and modern amenities, the Lodge will provide something for everyone. When in Salem, take a trip to the quiet side of the mountain….Fort Look-Out Lodge.

  • Oregon History

    The architectural design and occupancy make-up provide a more traditional feel for what Oregon is today and has been in the past. With the “Oregon Lookout” towers and building detail, the development will be reminiscent of Timberline Lodge or Crater Lake. The timber industry has played a prominent role in the history of Oregon, which will be a focal point in all 3 towers and their design. The plan is to provide historical relics and displays throughout the development. Visitors will feel they are visiting the best of what Oregon has to offer without the strip-mall feel of discount stores.

  • Conference Center

    The conference center will be the focal point of the development where wineries and breweries will be represented along with historical tales and artifacts. Providing the best view, the conference center will allow visitors to experience the Cascade mountain range and the local rolling hills. Three tower locations will provide additional views and an unusual architectural component. They will rise 40-50’ above the train track loop, delineating this development from others which have stucco exterior and minimal detail.

  • Plan

    A railroad going around the perimeter and through part of the development will provide riders with views in all directions. The train will stop in 3-4 locations picking up and dropping off riders. As the train travels around the track, the purpose will be to entertain riders as well as educate them. Stores represented in the development will be Oregon native and will display facades speaking to each store's significance and history. Display facades will have an entertaining component for children as well as an artistic component tying them in to other stores and the development as a whole.